SKyDrop - The File Transfer and File Sharing Solution for people who like it simple

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Straight forward file transfer

When you create a (SKy)Drop you decide who can download or upload files. They stay available for as long as you decide.

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Secure file sharing

Your files are personal and we want to keep them this way; therefore, we encrypt everything you share. We manage your data on our servers in Switzerland where security, discretion and reliability are rock solid.

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Simple File Drop for free

A simple concept. The first 100 MB of storage are on us. Every account has 100MB of storage for file exchanges to use for free. All files will be deleted automatically after 7 days (unless extended).

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Free - no monthly payments... only pay for extended use

We like things simple and fair. You pay for what you use... not more not less. There is no subscription and simple file exchanges are free :)

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Free SKyDrop


  • Storage volume up to 100 MB
  • Files will be automatically deleted after 7 days
  • Multi-User uploads not possible

2-Coin Drop

  • Storage volume up to 5 GB
  • Drop validity time can be extended to max. 60 days
  • Multi-User uploads possible

1-Coin Drop

  • Storage volume up to 1 GB
  • Drop validity time can be extended to max. 30 days
  • Multi-User uploads possible

3-Coin Drop

  • Storage volume up to 10 GB
  • Drop validity time can be extended to max. 90 days
  • Multi-User uploads possible

How to buy Drop coins

Tell your friends about SKyDrop and get a free coin for every registered user you refer us to

*Your SKyDrop Account can be cancelled and deleted at any time at no charge. All coins are valid for 48 months.

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*Our SKyDrop Servers are located in Switzerland